About TCB

Step into The Creative Butler (TCB), a haven of artistic expression and soulful healing. I’m Theresa Cheri Butler, the artist behind this sanctuary of self expression, and I am here to share my creative odyssey with you.

Within vivid pigments and delicate brushstrokes, I have discovered the immense power of art to heal, to uplift, and to ignite the spark of transformation.

TCB stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, a testament to my own journey of rebirth as I rebuild during the unexpected storm of being blindsided by a divorce.

As you explore my gallery of soul-stirring creations, you will witness the ethereal dance of colors, the intricate interplay of light and shadow, and the profound symbolism that weaves its way through each piece. These artworks serve as portals to healing, inviting you to discover the magic that lies within your own heart and embracing the transformative journey of self-discovery.

Your support is an integral part of my journey. With each purchase from TCB, you become a cherished companion in my artistic evolution, providing the means for me to start my life again and continue pursuing my passion. Your investment not only brings beauty into your own space but helps kindle the flame of creativity within me.

I am more committed than ever to keep sharing my knowledge and experience through tutorials and classes. These resources provide a sacred space for you to explore your own creative potential, tapping into the wellspring of inspiration that lies within.

Together, we will unlock the transformative magic of art and witness its profound capacity to heal and nourish the soul.

Thank you for joining me on this extraordinary voyage of self-discovery and transformation. Together, let us celebrate the healing power of art, unlock the realms of imagination, and create a world where beauty and inspiration flourish.

Welcome to The Creative Butler, where art becomes a vessel for the soul, and each splays of color carries the essence of healing and possibility.