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Flow - Original 18 Karat Gold & Alcohol Ink on Canvas

Flow - Original 18 Karat Gold & Alcohol Ink on Canvas

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"Flow," is an extraordinary alcohol ink on canvas masterpiece that seamlessly blends tranquil shades of blue and green, and is adorned with delicate strokes of real 18 karat gold.

This captivating piece goes beyond aesthetics—it is a conduit for healing and manifestation. Imbued with the transformative energy of Reiki, "Flow" radiates positive vibrations, inviting serenity, balance, and abundance into your space.

Feel the waves of calm wash over you as the healing magic of this artwork envelops your surroundings. This piece carries intention, and is infused with the power to inspire and uplift.

With a seamless ready-to-hang design, "Flow" offers an effortless way to bring the beauty and healing energies of this artwork straight into your home.

Embrace the power of "Flow" and let its positive energy infuse every aspect of your life.

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